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Lawn Art Box

Lawn Art Boxes bring artwork into everyday life.  Like public art, yard art and street art, they bypass traditional filters and barriers that often prevent us from seeing work directly from artists in our city.  They increase accessibility to viewers and provide opportunities for artists, young and old, to exhibit their work.

They were born out of two places.  1) White Cube Backpack mobile venues, courtesy of Megan Galvin (see 2017-18 page).  2) Walks through the neighborhood with my children the last 10+ years, where we ransack every Little Free Library we come across.  

Lawn Art Boxes elevate the work made by the fantastic artists in Muncie, and educate the public about our city's diversity of thought.  Homeowners are free to curate how/what they would like to exhibit in their Lawn Art Box:  their own work, the work of family, friends or neighbors of any age and ability.  They can be locked to secure artwork, or they could be left unlocked with the "leave-some-art, take-some-art" concept.  

LAB equation web.jpg
LAB equation 2 web.jpg
lawn art box postcard.jpg

Lawn Art Boxes are currently available for purchase and installation in Muncie, IN. 
To order, email  

$490 installed

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